A New Way to Better Manage Your Investments

We are building a platform to help renewable energy infrastructure stakeholders better manage renewable energy investments.

Introducing Beam

Beam Securities provides an end-to-end fintech solution for renewable energy assets by creating security tokens as digital representations of those assets. These tokens facilitate monitoring and control within organizations as well as secure information exchange and transactions between companies.


Our securitization solution offers these key benefits:

  • folder

    Real-time data access and analysis at the asset level and at the portfolio level using hitherto unavailable functionality.

  • asset

    End-to-end asset management from initial inception, investment, operation, optimization, and ultimately disposal or decommissioning.

  • button

    ‘Roll-up’ reporting at the click of a button across multiple asset classes (there’s no need for bespoke, complex spreadsheets where a simple mistake can blind the business).

The Beam Solution

The Beam solution revolutionizes asset transparency, management, automation, and optimization for users anywhere, at any time and on any device in a secure cloud environment. Founded by the same team that transformed the commodity trading industry with the Aspect CTRM SaaS solution, Beam Securities is set to disrupt the renewable energy world for asset investors and lenders, developers, owners and operators alike.

The bottom line?

Beam streamlines investor due diligence activities, reduces operating costs, maximizes renewable energy asset value, and facilitates access to less expensive funding. If you’re a renewable energy investor, lender, developer, owner or operator, join our growing customer base today!

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